Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Farm Pond - Night and Day

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All images and text are © Robert Jackson 2007-2008
The farm pond has always been mysterious to me. At night you can hear the bullfrogs, fish jumping and a myrid of strange sounds. In my painting I have tried to capture some of that mystery. If you look closely you will see in the daytime part, ducks, butterflies, moths, minnows, fish and a herd of bulls. In the nighttime, bullfrogs, fish, minnows, and stars in the sky.
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1 comment:

dianeclancy said...

Hi Robert,

This is a cool image and the story deepens the meaning ...

I always wanted to do this kind of nested work ... but it just doesn't seem to be me.

When I feature you, can I put 2 of your images in the post? Of course giving you copyright credit and pointing back to here?

Thank you,
~ Diane Clancy